Recommended Battery Type for ERF Models

*use for estimate purpose only

Make Model Year Recommended Battery type Quantity
E.R.F 66CU 68CU LKG - DIESEL 1962 TO 1972 N200 2 BATTERIES
E.R.F 68W 250 310 1962 TO 1972 N200 2 BATTERIES
E.R.F B SERIES 1962 TO 1972 N150 2 BATTERIES
E.R.F C SERIES 1972 TO 1985 N200 2 BATTERIES


While we've done our best to correctly match battery type to a vehicle model, but it still may not be exact.

Make sure the battery you are ordering is the right one!

Replacement batteries should be chosen by the battery's physical size. Take measurements of the length, width and height of the battery you are replacing and use those physical dimensions to determine which replacement battery to order. It is not necessary for the replacement battery to match the dimensions of your current battery exactly but they should be close in physical size. Take note whether the negative terminal is located on the right or left side. 

Locate the replacement battery by the part number. Typically, part numbers are typed on the top label of the battery. They consist of either numbers and letters or numbers only. Type the battery part number into search bar on right top corner of this page to find the proper replacement battery. 

Battery types below fit to all ERF models.


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